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Verbatim Media



CDs and DVDs are an information storage media that holds information in advanced structure; these discs are composed and read by a laser regularly found in your PC.

Verbatim media is known as the Best Optical Brand accessible – routinely giving media storage arrangements of the most elevated quality and similarity. At the point when drive makers test their items for greatest execution, they utilize Verbatim optical media.

Equipment producers require each information storage media brand to submit distinguishing proof codes and tests of their items so the drives they make can perceive regular brands of media storage. Verbatim has, and stays one of the first media organizations to reliably submit tests to producers.

The outcome: Verbatim CD/ DVD storage media is utilized as the business spec conveying high velocity execution, the most elevated dependability, and the best playback similarity with business drives.


Verbatim CD-R

Verbatim 94970 CDR 80/700MB 52X 100PK SP Shiny Silver

Verbatim DVD-R

DVDR 16X 100PK Shiny Silver