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With today’s integration of CD/DVD media in to the Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Prenatal Ultrasounds, 3D 4D Ultrasounds and other areas, many are failing to label the media to their benefit.  By screening the CD/DVD you can deliver a more professional looking product to your customers with custom printed CDs.  Why keep using off the shelf discs from the office supply store when you can have professional quality discs with your lab address and information professionally printed for just a few cents more?

NGF Digital customizes CDs and DVDs by screen printing your custom layout directly on the disc.  No paper labels or inkjet discs that smear when they get wet.  You can supply the layout or work with our art department to develop your custom disc.  We’ll even throw in two hours of FREE design time to get you started.

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Customized recordable blank CD-R and DVD-Rs discs are a great touch to make you stand out against the crowd. Our custom printed discs, printed with your artwork, will establish a professional branding to your facility.

NGF disc printing is permanent and won’t be affected by heat or moisture like a paper label. Our pricing includes Professional Grade Verbatim Recordable Media.

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