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Many prospective clients want to see a photo portfolio before they hire new talent. Selecting the content for a portfolio is a gut-wrenching, angst-filled, sadomasochistic process of self-evaluation that few of us want to face. After enduring that, creating the physical photo portfolio should be simple. Right?

Producing photo portfolios and presentations to attract business can be time-consuming, and you end up with a package that ideally would be shopped around in armored car: A stylish, oversized presentation case can cost $250 or more, and a set of prints can be equally expensive. Add mounting supplies, assembly, and shipping, and total cost can easily surpass $500, not including the duplicates you need to keep on hand.

If you’ve been searching for a less-costly solution to this self-promotion dilemma, CD photo portfolio is the answer, especially now that CDR/RW recorders are relatively inexpensive. Once you purchase a CDR/RW drive, it is far more cost-effective to produce, duplicate, and mail a CD-based presentation instead of a bulky print portfolio. An Internet Web site can reduce the need for such mailings (and the related production costs), but current bandwidth limitations mean that many companies and artists still have an occasional need to ship custom presentations to prospective clients.


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