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Customized recordable discs are a great resource for today’s clinics and Medical Facilities.  Imaging Discs are ideal for Radiology, Medical Imaging Clinics, Doctors, Dentists and Veterinarians just to name a few. With NGF Digital, together we will create discs that will establish professional branding to your specific facility.

NGF Digital provides screen printed discs with your unique brand, logo or art. We take great pride in our extensive knowledge of the design process. Our expertise can help you make the right decision when it comes to graphic design,  production, and numerous other printing processes. No paper labels or inkjet discs that smear when they get wet. Supply your formatted art or work directly with our team to develop a disc specific to your clinic or brand.

We know patient welfare depends on accurate medical image reproduction. So how does it all work?

Medical Imaging CD-R and DVD-R media incorporates a specially developed proprietary recording dye.  This provides superior performance and reliable data recording at all writing speeds. Patented dye technology also assure long archival life required for healthcare image and records retention by protecting critical patient data from heat, humidity, UV light, and other environmental elements. NGF disc printing is permanent and won’t be affected by heat or moisture like a paper label.

Disc-to-disc consistency is another key to the quality of Medical media. This media employs special manufacturing and testing control procedures to assure that each Medical Imaging CD-R and DVD-R performs at the highest standard. Our pricing includes Professional Grade Verbatim Recordable Media.

As always, our Medical Imaging CD-R and DVD-R media are DICOM compliant and usable in HIPAA records systems.

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