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The Evidence is Clear – NGF Digital Digital Evidence Discs Make a Difference

The use of in-car video capture and other digital evidence gathering techniques have become of increasing importance across the line to all departments of Law Enforcement. Mobile video has been found to enhance officer safety, improve agency accountability and reduce agency liability. The largest obstacle these police departments have had to overcome is the storage and management of these assets.

Screen printed Digital Evidence Discs for police departments are typically printed with information lines which can be used to record case numbers, dates, officer or suspect names and other vital information. These information lines ensure that the same data is recorded on each disc, which helps with proper filing. To help aide with filing and cataloging, law enforcement agencies can add custom bar coding and serialization to their printed Digital Evidence discs. Police departments, forensic labs, and federal and state agencies use screen printed, blank discs to:

  1. Demonstrate to prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and juries that their police department is well-organized and technologically proficient.
  2. Ensure the same information is recorded on the face of each disc for proper file maintenance and strict chain of custody.
  3. Provide pertinent contact information so other law enforcement agencies and judicial officials can reach officers easily.
  4. Maintain and guard the integrity of the media digital evidence because of saved storage space and longer archival life.

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Customized recordable blank CD-R and DVD-Rs discs are a great touch to make you stand out against the crowd. Our custom printed discs, printed with your artwork, will establish a professional branding to your facility.

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