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What is the difference between disc duplication & replication?

Replicated discs (often referred to as pressed discs) are created by physically pressing your data into the surface of the disc during the molding process. Duplicated discs (often referred to as burned discs) encode your data onto the disc with a laser by burning microscopic holes into the dye layer of a recordable CD or DVD. Replicated discs are the standard for major commercial releases; however they take longer to produce typically. An advantage to duplicated discs is they can be produced much faster than replicated discs.  From a playback standpoint there is no difference in quality.  On occasion some older model CD and DVD players will not play duplicated media.  That is becoming less and less common as time wears on though.


disc duplication & replicationUsing professional grade duplicators, we have the capability to duplicate thousands of discs per day.

We only use professional grade duplication media on all projects.   During the duplication process comparisons are made to the master source to insure accurate data reproduction.

Typical turnaround time for duplication is 2-4 days depending on the size of the order and volume of content.  Another factor in timing is how the discs are decorated once they are duplicated.

We offer basic black thermal printing, dye sublimation printing and screen printing.   The printing is applied directly to the disc.  No cheap paper labels!  There are also numerous packaging options available from basic paper sleeves to fully integrated jewel cases.



disc duplication & replication


In addition to duplication, NGF Digital also offers replication as another method to produce large volumes of CDs and DVDs.  It is the most cost effective method of production though not the quickest.  If cost is your main concern you should choose replication.  If turnaround time is your main concern you should choose duplication in most cases.

All replication & duplication projects require the proper licensing and grant of rights documentation. To learn more visit our FAQ page.