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Each week pastors across the world are creating valuable content. They work hard studying, praying and seeking the wisdom of others. They then polish off this all into a sermon that’s (typically) delivered on Sunday morning. For years churches have been recording these sermons to CDs or tapes for those who are unable to attend the service. So is it time for your pastor to go NGF Digital?

Let’s start by taking a look at the potential benefits of providing your sermons on CD / DVD can have:

  • For members who missed the service. Each week there is a percentage of your congregation that will be unable to attend the service for various reasons. For those people, providing easy access to the sermon a CD / DVD is a great service. This is especially important if your pastor teaches in series.
  • Spreading the word. Beyond your own congregation, there are people who will benefit from hearing these messages. Providing your sermons on a CD / DVD lets people easily share sermons with friends.  A timely message may speak to a non-Christian’s heart in ways nothing else has.
  • Easy distribution. Once you put the pieces in place, people can have easy access to your sermons. Each time a new message is made available on a CD / DVD, they can be notified.
  • Listen again. There are some sermons that are just so rich and deep that it’s hard to take it all in Sunday morning. Being able to listen to the sermon again at home, work or in the car can be invaluable.
  • Promotional purposes. Having the sermons available on a CD / DVD, they can be easily share throughout the community.  This allows new people searching for a church to  get a taste of the church culture, teaching style and the personality of the pastor.
  • Historical archiving. Remember that sermon from last year’s Christmas Eve service? Providing your sermons on a CD / DVD gives your members, and your pastor, easy access to all past sermons.

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Customized recordable blank CD-R and DVD-Rs discs are a great touch to make you stand out against the crowd. Our custom printed discs, printed with your artwork, will establish a professional branding to your facility.

NGF disc printing is permanent and won’t be affected by heat or moisture like a paper label. Our pricing includes Professional Grade Verbatim Recordable Media.